Walking by the Physical Activity and Diabetes Laboratory (PADL) at the University of Alberta, you might mistake it for a fitness centre. A large part of the lab is exactly that, a private research gym where Dr. Normand Boulé and his colleagues, Drs. Margie Davenport and Craig Steinback, run their training studies.

The fitness centre serves as an exercise and physiology lab, and is divided into different subsections. The main section is dedicated to the exercise and fitness testing, while the other sections are for drawing blood, observing exercise capacity and oxygen consumption, and taking other measurements of participants before, during and after physical activity.

Guest Editorial

Love Bees – Especially the Wild Ones!

Guest Editorial by David Suzuki with contributions from Jode Roberts

Many environmental campaigns over the past 50 years have aimed at getting people to care for imperiled species in wild, far-off places. The focus in Canada has often been on large, photogenic, culturally important animals, with bonus points for campaigns that include alliteration, bumper sticker-friendly slogans and plush toys. This has been a sensible and often successful strategy.

Over the past few years smaller, charismatic critters closer to home have buzzed into the spotlight: bees. About a decade ago, beekeepers in Europe and North America started noticing serious declines in honeybee populations. Bees have lost much of their natural habitat to urbanization and industrial agriculture and face increased stress from climate change-related drought and severe winters. These threats, coupled with the global spread of diseases and pests and a dramatic increase in the use of agricultural pesticides like neonicotinoids, have resulted in unprecedented losses for beekeepers.

The Big Things Matter But Never as Much as The Little Things

Guest Editorial by Robert Price

I don’t entirely understand what people mean when they talk about the economy. Every election a politician will drop the magic word as if it means something. They’ll say something like, “I’m for the economy.” Applause will follow.

There are other magic words. Terror. Globalization. The Environment. Innovation. Each one is an abstract noun we need to “fix.” magic word as if it means something. They’ll say something like, “I’m for the economy.” Applause will follow.

The Miracle of Insulin

Diabetes was basically a death sentence before two Canadian researchers discovered insulin in 1921. Dr. Frederick Banting and his research assistant Charles Best were testing the theory that the pancreatic juices in diabetes patient were harmful to the secretion of the pancreatic islets.

On Sept. 16th  scientists and concerned citizens participated in rallies in 14 cities across Canada voicing concerns at the state of science in the public interest. At the rally in Toronto the Raging Grannies took to the podium with one of their songs. 

Spectroscopy Software has Powerful Networking Compatibility
Metrohm USA’s new Vision Air spectroscopy software for Vis-NIR instruments has an intuitive user interface for fast measurement and straightforward data interpretation.

Supercritical Extractor Uses CO2 Instead of Liquid Solvent
The new pilot scale supercritical extractor from Supercritical Fluid Technologies is designed to simplify extraction of botanicals, herbs, spices and other natural products.

Centrifuge can Handle Large Volumes
The Thermo Scientific Sorvall BIOS 16 centrifuge has an increased capacity of 16 l of cell culture product per run. Higher capacity rotors – four swinging bucket rotors ranging from 6 x 1000 ml to 8 x 2000 ml - makes working with large volumes easier..

Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector can Detect over 26 Analytes
Xylem’s new OI Analytical 5383 Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD) is ideal for petrochemical, environmental lab, and food and beverage applications.

Low Volume Samples Go a Long Way with Small Scale
PAC’s Herzog OptiFlash Small Scale uses very low volume samples of only 2 or 4 ml to accurately detect flashpoints for petroleum products, biodiesels, solvents, chemicals, paints and varnishes, food and beverages while complying to leading global standards such as ASTM D3828, ISO 3679 and ASTMD7236 (Ramp Method).

OEM Pump an Option for Surgical Ablation
The RXMD DriveSure panel-mount OEM pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group was designed for use by medical device specialists serving the surgical ablation market.


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